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Nike Air Max 97 SH Kaleidoscope Shoes

Nike celebrates this year's Air Max Day (March 26), especially in the six major cities of New York, London, Paris, Tokyo, Shanghai and Seoul.
Air Max 97 SH Kaleidoscope
The Nike Air Max 97 SH Kaleidoscope shoe, designed by Ru Qiu Shi from Shanghai, China, was officially released today at the Nike Official Media Center.

The concept of the upper design, Ru Qiu real layered a layer of light blue transparent flaps, from the midsole to the lace around, like a cloud-like stretch. The tongue and heel are also laminated with layers of white transparent straps that are shaped like splashes of water.

The cloud does not have a fixed shape. At the beginning of the design, Ru Qiu Shi wanted every wearer to define the shape of the Air Max 97 SH Kaleidoscope. The upper material is layered and the excess length is reserved. Consumers can decide to trim the edge shape and create their own exclusive shoes, walking in their own world.

This time, two major domestic brands, ACU and DOE, were inspired by the design of the Air Max 97 SH Kaleidoscope and launched Nike City Tee: SH ON AIR.

The ACU directly presents the cloud-like cloud between the tall buildings as a cloud pattern, and the Chinese ink-stained text “UP IN SWOOSH” is full of Chinese style and ACU elements.

The Air Max 97 SH Kaleidoscope will be available for sale from Nike Shanghai 001 and designated retail outlets starting March 26th.

Nike: The ON AIR design competition series will be available in Nike SNKRS APP and designated retail outlets in early April.

Nike City Tee: SH ON AIR will be available from Nike Shanghai 001 on March 26th.