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Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 34 Running Shoes

In the summer of Breaking 2, the new generation of Air Zoom Pegasus 34 came to everyone, it is also as a participant in Breaking 2 three athletes daily wear shoes.
Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 34 Running Shoes
Pegasus 34 compared to the previous 33 be a small change to upgrade, the biggest change may be the upper part. Toe part of the mesh area compared to the previous generation greatly increased, permeability becomes better, Rouran also improved.

Flymesh fabric uppers are still integrated design, only in the heel there is a seam, Pegasus 34 to 3M reflective strip at the seams, for the night run to provide security.

In addition to the heel, in addition to the traditional hard TPU, Pegasus 34 in the upper but also brush a layer of TPU film, to improve the heel of the stiffness, for the foot of the fixed and wrapped also have a certain degree of improvement.

The stability of the upper is still relying on the dynamic fly line, compared to the previous generation, Pegasus 34 will be completely hidden into the velvet line, which avoids the accident will be broken line of hidden dangers. In addition, there are different ways of flying line arrangement.

Tongue and inside the inside is still integrated design, you can avoid running in the tongue deviation. The thickness of the tongue should be a slight increase, tighten the shoelaces will not have the feeling of oppression foot, comfort is improved.

In the end of the Pegasus 34 completely follow the 33 generation design, perhaps Nike that the configuration of the end of the performance has been stable enough. In the end is still before and after the palm of the Zoom cushion with Cushlon foam. After the foot can obviously feel the existence of air cushion, especially the forefoot, although equipped with air cushion, but still have the feeling of paste, the ground situation of the feedback is more obvious. In the end there is no excessive stability of the design, so Pegasus 34 is still the main shock of the running shoes series.

Whether it is forefoot, full palm or after the palm run, are able to adapt to this pair of Pegasus 34. If you pass through the 33 generation, then you do not have to run, you can naturally accept this pair of new shoes. Outer grain lines have not changed, is still inside the waffle cake, the design of the outer groove.

The current Air Zoom Pegasus 34 has been on sale, the photo to the Monza circuit for the inspiration of the color will be June 8 color, ice blue color, plus the orange outsole, seems to be coming with the summer , Of course we also look forward to in the next 35 generations can bring more breakthrough design and innovation.