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Nike Hyperdunk Released The City Series

Nike Hyperdunk Released The City Series

The upper left corner of the clockwise direction on behalf of: Beijing, Madrid, Manila, Los Angeles, New York and Chicago

Nike Hyperdunk Released The City Series
In Beijing, New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Manila and Madrid, the basketball city, basketball atmosphere is unusually hot. These cities have a unique character, but also gave birth to a different kind of basketball culture. These qualities, together with the summer basketball sports spirit, are composed of six pairs of shoes in the Nike Basketball HyperFam series to be reflected, each Nike Hyperdunk Low 2017 represents a basketball city.

Nike Hyperdunk Low 2017 Beijing with bright gem green color, which means that the players in the field not only need to express themselves, but also to prove their own value.

Tactical plans for the design of the urban blueprint pattern decorated in the shoe body, Nike Hyperdunk Low 2017 New York is in the New York basketball culture to explore and successfully pay tribute.

Nike Hyperdunk Low 2017 Chicago is a tribute to Ivey, Nike is also honored to let more people understand his attitude. Shoe body to colorful and composed of a variety of graffiti fonts assembled into the words decorated with FINAO embellishment.

Nike Hyperdunk Low 2017 Los Angeles using the Drew League tongue logo, left and right feet on behalf of Los Angeles and Orange County and the inland empire of the unique gradient, Nike Hyperdunk Low 2017 LA these designs are in the love from the basketball United and tribute.

Madrid transcends cultural and social barriers, the game united people, and created a new team consciousness. At sunset, the match is Nike Tintendo Low 2017 Madrid hue inspiration, shoe side and heel MDZ words details from the city's local pronunciation Madriz.

Nike Hyperdunk Low 2017 Manila gray body and the concrete style of the midsole design are the unique beauty of Tenement stadium.