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The Jordan Proto Max 720 x A Ma Maniere

Atlanta's well-known rapper TI's demonstration of the Jordan Proto Max 720, its sci-fi styling and huge Max air cushion, fascinated many players.
 The Jordan Proto Max 720 x A Ma Maniere
Recently, the sneaker media @hypebeast also brought this pair, the Atlanta street shop A Ma Maniere and Jordan Brand teamed up to create a limited color photo of the real thing, let's take a look!

The two sides are based on the Jordan Proto-Max 720 and pay tribute to the Atlanta City with the color name "Atlanta Nights".

The iconic high-shoe body, in addition to the black 3M reflective material, the outsole is also incorporated into the luminous elements, so that you can become the most eye-catching at night.

Most notably, this pair of color schemes will only be limited to 230 pairs, and each pair will be individually numbered to highlight this limited specification. At the same time, the details are complemented by the words MY WAY and A OVER EVERYTHING.

However, this color scheme was released in Atlanta on March 16th.