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Under Armour Curry 4 PE Is Coming

Under Armour Curry 4 PE

Finals, Curry put on his fourth generation signature shoes Curry 4. Platinum setting and home style is quite fit, and now fought away, naturally put on a more murderous black version. Curry and UA team lasted a year and a half of the time to develop the design, now in such an important occasion high-profile debut, I believe that many fans will be delighted.

Under Armor Curry 4's body with pure white color, the end of the use of gold ink, UA Logo and SC Logo also decorated with gold, and finally to the end of the light blue crystal end. Shoes with a new tailoring design, and the integration of a new leather material and socks weaving design, it seems to give a soft and comfortable feeling!
According to rumors this Under Armour Curry 4 uses a new technology, there has been no official announcement available information, we will bring up reports for the first time!